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Regular activities of the Center are:

  • Providing emotional support by phone every day from 2pm to 11pm;
  • Providing emotional support by email from 2pm to 11pm;
  • Providing emotional support by chat service from 2pm to 11pm;
  • Providing emotional support and welfare services during the Exit festival;
  • Trainings for new volunteers;
  • Annual training of active volunteers in order to improve knowledge and skills;
  • Participating in the World Suicide Prevention Day;
  • Participating in the World Mental Health Day;
  • Supporting International Volunteer Day;

In addition to regular activities, Center "Srce" is involved in other activities and projects that are related to the vision and values ??of the organization. Some of the most important are:


  • Implementation of the project Developing resources for voluntary work among youth
  • Implementation of the project Development of protective factors in the field of mental health in high school students
  • Drafting National strategy for suicide prevention in partnership with the Clinic for psychiatric illnesses, "Dr. Laza Lazarevic" and the negotiating team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Participation at the annual conference of the Hungarian Association of centers for suicide prevention LESZ


  • The implementation of the Mental Health Project in secondary schools
  • Participation at the International Conference of centers for intervention in the crisis for the region of South Asia organized by the Sri Lanka Sumithrayo


  • Participation in the project Together Against Depression organized by the Institute for Public Health of Vojvodina and cooperation with the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina, Novi Sad Health Centre and Student Health Centre
  • Implementation of the project Strengthening resources for suicide prevention in elderly
  • Conducting workshops and lectures within the project of "Slovenska Filantropija" Education for Human Rights-contribution to the empowerment of children and education for responsible civic role


  • The implementation of the action plan for young people through to projects Being healthy means ...
  • Education of high school students from 6 countries in the region within the Regional Youth volunteer school
  • Performing a workshop on prejudices about suicide in the Festival of ecological theater in Backa Palanka


  • Final phase of the project that introduced chat support for callers
  • Participation at the International Conference Challenges of Reconciliation, Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Recording and broadcasting 6 radio programs regarding mental health of young people
  • Workshops for 500 high school students on the topic of suicide
  • Implementation of the project Training for the development of voluntary work in 30 schools in Serbia
  • Participation in the annual conference of volunteer centers for crisis intervention Centro de Valorizacao da Vida, Brazil


  • Implementation of training regarding the prevention of self-destructive behavior in cooperation with the Novi Sad Humanitarian Center
  • The organization of the International Conference Organized volunteer work in schools - the possibility for the development of social capital within the community


  • Participation in seminars for trainers in the project Development of voluntary work with children and young people in the Western Balkans as a means of preparation for life in a democratic society
  • Participation at the International Conference on volunteer work of young people in Struga, Macedonia
  • Participation in the conference of the International Association for Suicide Prevention IASP, Montevideo, Uruguay


  • Implementation of the project Antistigma - media, mental illness and suicide
  • Participation in the conference Forward Together, Befrienders Worldwide, Pattaya, Thailand
  • Setting up the table on the bridge “Duga” and other important locations in Novi Sad with information to contact the Center in moments of crisis
  • Participation in the conference regarding voluntary work in Italy, Venice, Italy


  • Workshops regarding prejudices and facts about suicide to high school students in Novi Sad
  • Participation in the seminar on the introduction of new technologies in work with people in crisis, York, United Kingdom
  • Organizing and conducting workshops on mental health for Boarding school students, Novi Sad
  • Education of the staff at the Center for Social Work, Novi Bečej, for the establishment of SOS phone
  • Beginning of cooperation with the Higher School of Education of Teachers, Novi Sad in the realization of workshops for students regarding facts and prejudices about suicide
  • Protocol on cooperation with the Safe House for Women


  • Implementation of informational and educational campaign for the prevention of self-destructive behavior among young people under the slogan Talk helps!
  • Beginning of cooperation with the Exit festival and the first set up of Welfare area at the festival


  • Participation in panel discussion Discrimination of psychiatric patients at the Cultural Center Zranjanin organized by a group React! as part of the campaign against all forms of violence and discrimination
  • Panel discussion in CC "Gradilište" – Do we take care about their feelings? in response to the theme of the program - Conscientious objection


  • Participation in the NATO conference Safe children in unsafe world, Tžinec, Slovakia
  • Participation at the inaugural conference of the Federation of NGOs in Serbia - FENS Joint citizens;


  • Implementation of workshops about prejudices towards suicide with high school students in Novi Sad
  • Participation in the seminar Importance and organization of volunteer work in schools, in cooperation with the Foundation Skupaj and organization Panonia
  • First Suicide Prevention Day
  • Organization of seminars for employees at the Center for Social Work in Novi Sad called Volunteer management and work of SOS line, on the occasion of the opening of the Safe House for Children


  • Seminar for school staff Protection and promotion of psychosocial development of children in primary school and their mental health, organized by the Regional Center for Psychosocial well-being of children "Skupaj", Slovenia


  • Beginning of the project aimed to provide emotional support via e-mail
  • Participation in the seminar for helpers on burning out syndrome organized by the Society for Psychological Assistance in Zagreb


  • Beginning of cooperation with organizations from the region in the field of mental health


  • Support and training in setting up hotlines for young people in Subotica
  • Providing support at the Psychiatric Clinic during bombings


  • Beginning of the project aimed to acquire practical experience in work with the mentally ill and addicts of psychoactive substances, Imola, Italy


  • The establishment of the Regional Network for the social reconstruction of the former Yugoslavia
  • Marking the first anniversary - 5 years of “Srce” with a panel discussion on linking in non-profit organizations that provide psychological support in the region


  • Participation in the annual conference of centers for intervention in the crisis in Poland as guests of the center Anonimowy Przyjaciel, Olsztyn
  • Establishing cooperation with SOS Telefonos Lelki elsôsegély Szolgalat center from Szeged, Hungary


  • Establishing cooperation with the Italian region of Emiglia Romagna and the first visit to centers for mental patients in Imola, Italy


  • First, participation in workshops in Palazzolla organized by Samaritans Onlus of Rome on the role of volunteers in crisis interventions


  • First participation in the International Conference of Befrienders International and Samaritans in York, United Kingdom
  • Joining the network Befrienders International, which has 350 centers and around 40,000 volunteers


  • The first presentation of “Srce” to the professional audience on annual Conference of Psychologists of Serbia on Zlatibor