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Important characteristic of the method we use in contact with our users is non-directive approach and the main technique we use is active listening. What does it really mean?

It means accepting the person fully, without prejudices, and creating the atmosphere that enables people to explore their emotions and to talk openly about them. At the same time we do not give any advice, we do not judge and do not give any comfort saying things that bother them will just go away. The conversation developed in this manner will not resolve actual life problems and dilemmas of our callers, but it can lead to emotional relief and help to overcome the moment. In the best case, it gives another perspective on the problem, which opens the possibility for new ideas that can contribute to better coping.

The treaty we accepted by joining Befrienders Worldwide network is reflecting principles we respect in our work:

The Center provides emotional support to people in crisis or in immediate danger of taking their own lives.

Volunteers at the Center are trying to alleviate human unhappiness, loneliness, despair and depression.

A caller retains the freedom to make his/her own decisions, including the decision to take his/her own life.

The fact that the person has called as well as the content of the conversation is strictly confidential within the Centre.

Volunteers who provide help are supported by other experienced volunteers or professionals.

A caller can be referred to other services in the field of medicine, social and financial assistance.

Volunteers are forbidden to impose their personal beliefs or influence the callers in terms of politics, philosophy or religion.