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Effective suicide prevention involves a broad, multi-sectoral approach that includes not only the role of the health sector, but also the involvement of different social structures and professions, as well as non-professionals - volunteers.

Some measures for suicide prevention are as follows:

  • Educating staff in primary health care to be able to idenify at an early stage and have an adequate approach to mental disorders associated with the occurrence of suicide. Educating employees in schools, the police and public in general about the perception and response to behavior that indicates that a person is thinking about suicide;

  • Control of access to means that can be used for suicide (possession of firearms, sales policy for pesticides, sedatives ...);

  • Establishment of centers for intervention in crisis that are accessible to users (eg. SOS telephone services, psychological counseling);

  • Work with risk groups (widows and widowers, adolescents, prisoners ...)

In recent years, special attention is paid to the importance of responsible media reporting on suicide - there are a set of guidelines on how the media should, and should not report on suicide. Center “Srce” published a brochure, which contains instructions how to report on suicide and what shouldn’t be done. It is certainly necessary to avoid pictures of people who committed suicide and the place where it was committed; avoid reporting in details about used method, and avoid sensationalism.