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Mental Health Day

International Mental Health Day is October 10th. On this day it is necessary to remind ourselves of how mental health is important for everyday functioning, we should sit down alone, check if our mental body is hungry, whether it is developing in the right direction, whether we are in pain.

Mental illness is a health problem that significantly weakens the possibility of person to think, feel and act. It causes stress and frustrates our functioning in important areas of life. Mental illness has many names, classifications, presentations, but one thing is common: it blocks people from realizing their potential, from being satisfied with themselves and the world around them, from being functional in the community...

The difference we make between the mental and the physical is most evident here. When someone's disease is associated with somethign physical, we express regret, we support, we visit the person in hospital, we have a lot of understanding, patience and we are angry at a disease that has affected our relatives, friends, acquaintances. But when someone is mentally ill? We get scared, we hide, close our eyes, we do not understand, we do not have the patience.

Did you know that experiencing social rejection activates the same brain receptors as experiencing physical injury? Loneliness hurts. People who have a mental problem are those who need our support, and support is precisely what they are deprived of. Mental illness is not contagious, but indifference is.