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Network and collaboration

  • Since 1993, «Srce» has been a member of “Befrienders International” (today “Befrienders Worldwide”), international network of 350 organizations, seated in London, that deals with psychological crisis and suicide prevention.
  • “Srce” has excellent cooperation with Samaritans (UK & ROI), the founders of Befrienders International (BI) network. They have been working on and promoting the idea of voluntary help for individuals dealing with psychological crisis and suicidal tendencies since 1953. “The Samaritans” founded the BI network in 1974, so that the centers for the prevention of suicide from all around the world could work together and base their work on the same principles.
  • “Srce” and Samaritan’s branch from Winchester are twin organizations since 1994. Through this twinning, "Srce" is getting support in advance trainings of the volunteers, advices, support in organizing bigger activities, as well as a support in financial means.
  • Regional collaboration aimed to promote and protect mental health of children, “Srce” is developing since 1997. thanks to organization for the promotion of voluntary work “Slovenska filantropija” from Ljubljana.
  • Since 2002, all informational and educational activities in elementary schools in Novi Sad and Vojvodina are organized in collaboration with Association of Teachers from Novi Sad.
  • Since 2008 “Srce” is associate member of the International Association for Suicide Prevention - IASP