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The Center was initially founded in 1991 as “The Psychological Counseling Service for the Participants of War” by the group of professors from the University of Novi Sad, following the initiative that came from PhD Slobodanka Stanković and PhD Slavica Selaković Bursić.

Although services of “Srce” were aimed to help victims of war in the beginning, the need for psychological help also existed among “ordinary” citizens who were not directly affected by war. If we take into consideration the fact that the suicide rate in Vojvodina, which has been very high for decades, reached its highest values in the beginning of nineties, it is clear that there was a need to re-direct the focus from one risk group to the whole population under risk. Therefore, in 1993, the Center changed its name to “Srce” – Psychological counseling service for crisis and victims of the war, and became a member of the International network involved in crisis intervention and suicide prevention - Befrienders International (today Befrienders Worldwide) that today gathers 40.000 volunteers in 350 centers in 32 countries. Since then, principles of “Srce” has been adjusted to internationally accepted methods.

The current name of the Center, agreed upon in the year of 2000, is “Srce-Center for Emotional Support Center to People in Crisis and Prevention of Suicide”.